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Men's Workwear Shirts

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NZ Fern BS1602
NZ Fern BS6433
NZ Fern BS6602
NZ Fern BS1144
Denim Work Shirt Original Cotton Drill Shirt - Long Sleeve Mens Long Sleeve Denim Work Shirt Flx & Move™ Utility Work Shirt
NZ Fern BS6144
NZ Fern BS1414
NZ Fern BS6414
NZ Fern BS1133
Flx & Move™ Utility Work Shirt X Airflow™ Ripstop Shirt X Airflow™ Ripstop Shirt Flx & Move™ Mechanical Stretch Shirt
NZ Fern BS6133
NZ Fern BS1433
NZ Fern BSC1433
NZ Fern BSC6433
Flx & Move™ Mechanical Stretch Shirt Original Cotton Drill Shirt Closed Front Cotton Drill Shirt Closed Front Cotton Drill Shirt
NZ Fern BS1893
NZ Fern BS6893
NZ Fern B76407
Cool Lightweight Drill Shirt Cool Lightweight Drill Shirt Chambray Shirt Taped Cool Lightweight Drill Shirt

Meet The X AIRFLOW Range:

Bisley’s design registered Cross Airflow technology was engineered to create the most breathable work shirts Australian tradies own. The technology is based on a 3D cooling system, where the air flows through multiple ventilation points on the garment at key heat and stress areas, drawing heat and moisture away from the skin and out of the garments. You can shop the entire X Airflow range here

Meet The FLX & MOVE Range:

FLX & MOVE is a high-performance alternative to standard Workwear, our FLX & MOVE range is as much about style as it is about functionality.

Designed with distinctive stretch fabrics to enhance comfort, flexibility and movement whilst maintaining durability. 

FLX & MOVE is made to move with YOU! Shop the entire range today

Introducing fresche microbial protection:

All men's workwear shirts now include fresche microbial protection for long term control and protection against bacteria and mould. Fresche is an invisible, sustainable, and odourless garment wash that stops bacteria growing on the garment, preventing stains and odours from taking hold. A garment hygiene technology is exclusive to Bisley workwear.


What is FLX & MOVE?

The new generation FLX & MOVE range takes working and comfort to the next level. Incorporating superior fabrics with tough kevlar and Cordura accents in high abrasive areas, better fitting styles and more stretch are what sets this FLX & MOVE range apart from any other workwear range.

The addition of garment washing and enzyme washing ensures every FLX & MOVE man's work shirt has a soft worn-in feel from the moment you wear it. Utility pockets on the shirts will keep everything you need secure and in an arm's reach. The incorporation of materials such as mechanical stretch cotton, canvas and denim are used to offer a better fit and more stretch. 

The new generation FLX & MOVE is a tough wearing range designed to move with you comfortably all day without restriction. 


What is Fresche Microbial protection?

Every hard worker knows that with hard work comes sweat. The growth of bacteria from perspiration can lead to stubborn odours and stains that no amount of washing can remove. 

Fresche microbial control and protection treatments are a new and highly effective approach to long term protection against bacteria and fungus. This means your workwear will remain clean, fresh, and free of odour. 

The solution is invisible when applied, and will not impact or change the feel, colour, or appearance of the garment. Fresche is derived from coconut oil. A safe, sustainable, and renewable resource. 

Features of Fresche Microbial protection include: 

  • Non-leaching: 
  • Fresche is permanently bonded into (or onto) products during manufacture 
  • Safe for humans 
  • Fresche is biobased, with the active ingredient sourced from natural coconut oil 
  • Simple integration 
  • FRESCHE is easily applied during the manufacture of natural or synthetic substrates 
  • Long term protection 
  • Fresche locks and bonds textiles to provide continuous long-term protection 
  • A proven solution 
  • Fresche has been fully validated in more than 250 independent challenge tests 


Additionally, Fresche prevents odours caused by bacteria growing in your garments, protects your garment from stains caused by mould and mildew, and holds long term durability when treated in accordance with the care label 


Do men’s workwear shirts come in a value pack?

Yes, select Bisley workwear shirts come in a pack of 4 or 5. Additionally, we have packed men’s work pants and accessories like socks to make sure your work uniform is complete.